Aberdeen Rotary Log Pavilion

The Rotary Log Pavilion is located in Morrison Riverfront Park and rests on the banks of the beautiful Chehalis River.  Without doubt, it has proven itself a worthy showcase of our community.  

While it was donated to the City of Aberdeen by the Aberdeen Rotary Club, the 5,400 square foot Rotary Log Pavilion was truly a community project.  First started in 1986 on the vision of Rotary Club members Bob Swedblom, Jim Stamateau, John Earley, and Mel Flavel the project required almost 6 years to complete.

Community & Rotarian Commitment

With a labor pool of over 125 volunteers generously contributing over 40,000 hours of labor, a quarter million dollars in Rotary contributions, and nearly a 500,000 dollars of in-kind contributions for the Aberdeen business community the Rotary Log Pavilion has become a unique gathering place for business, organization, and family activities for many years to come.

First Class Facility

There is no doubt construction of the pavilion was a labor of love. Not only did organizers want to build a first-class community facility, they also wanted it to become a tribute to Aberdeen’s rich logging history.  Beginning with 400 logs donated by the Weyerhaeuser Company, project planners began constructing the pavilion in the log cabin motif. Design and construction were an overwhelming task. It is impossible not to be astounded by the design and attention paid to every detail.

None of what we enjoy would have been possible without the generous support of our local citizens and business community. Check out these fun and interesting facts:


  • Bob Swedblom came up with the plan to build the Log Pavilion and was the architect in the construction.
  • The building was erected in the Hake plant up to 10 logs high. Then was moved and erected on its present sight.
  • 125 volunteers worked 50,000 hours to complete the project.
  • 400 logs were donated by Weyerhaeuser.
  • 22,000 board feet of car decking was donated.
  • 94 pilings were donated by Jim Mason, Jr. and driven by local contractors, Rognlin’s and Quigg’s.
  • Forms for the cement were donated by Franciscovich.
  • Rebar and steelwork by Quigg Brothers.
  • Randich family and ex workers came out of retirement to do cement work.
  • Approximately 7,000 square feet of shakes were donated by Don Bell and George Donovan.
  • Glass was donated by Aro Glass. Frosted glass artwork by Ivy Vekich.
  • Plumbing by Mike Elway.
  • Electrical by Erv Johnson of Industrial Electric.
  • Sign by Jay Goldberg Family.
  • Kitchen Range by the Footprinters.
  • Fireplace has 52 tons of rock and block, donated by Charles Isaacson family.
  • Total money raised by Rotary through auction and pledges: $350,000.00.
  • Building has been appraised for approximately $1,500,000.00.

Main Volunteer Workers:


  • Fred Bruener
  • John Earley
  • Charles Filyaw 
  • Mel Flavel
  • Bob Fortman
  • Al Johnson
  • Erv Johnson
  • Chet Jolly
  • Henry Maki
  • Jim Stamateou
  • Bob Swedblom
  • Paul Verbanic


In 2019, the Rotary Log Pavilion celebrated its 25th anniversary.  It has hosted countless community events since opening its doors and will continue to be a gathering place for our community.

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