Aberdeen Rotary Club Scholarships
Blue and Gold Scholarships
Each year, our eight Aberdeen Rotary Students of the Month (Oct-May) are eligible to apply for the Blue and Gold Scholarships.  The winning student receives the $2000 Gold Scholarship, and the runner-up receives the $1000 Blue Scholarship.  Students of the Month are seniors at Aberdeen HS, nominated by faculty and staff at AHS.  Scholarship applications are available in the counseling office at AHS. 
The Richard and Patricia Hole Scholarship
Richard and Patricia Hole sponsor a college scholarship to support seniors from Aberdeen HS who will be attending Eastern Washington University, especially Business or Economics majors.  The scholarship initial award is $3000, renewable for up to four years.  More info available here.
The scholarship application form is available at the Aberdeen HS counseling office.
The Alex and Suzanne Rosenkrantz Scholarships
Deaf, Blind, or Deaf-Blind students in Washington State, and specifically Grays Harbor County and surrounding counties, are invited to apply to the Alex and Susanne Rosenkrantz Fund for college scholarships.
The Carole Hunt Grays Harbor College Scholarship
The Carole Hunt Fund sponsors a scholarship to support local senior high school students who will be attending Grays Harbor College.  More information is available at the GHC Foundation website.
Aberdeen High School GHC Scholarship
The Aberdeen Rotary Club sponsors a one-year, full-ride scholarship to Grays Harbor College.  Any Aberdeen High School senior can apply for this scholarship via the AHS Counselor's Office.  Please contact the AHS Guidance Office for more information.   
Aberdeen Rotary Legacy Scholarship
Aberdeen Rotarians are invited to apply for the $1000 Legacy Scholarship on behalf of children or grandchildren who are graduating highschool seniors.  Interested applicants should write the Aberdeen Rotary Club secretary at logpavilion@gmail.com for more information.